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Garden Lighting Ideas to Make Plants Shine

Enjoy the beauty of your landscaping even at night by adding garden lighting. The most popular options for garden lights are spotlights, stake lights, or string lights—all of which can be solar or battery-powered.

When deciding on the best garden lighting options, consider your purpose. Are you looking for an ambient glow or seeking brighter light to increase visibility along pathways and water features? Warm, soft light is great for giving gardens a glow, while larger, brighter bulbs are typically a better pick if you want to illuminate tripping harmful or keep wandering feet out of your flower beds.

Whether you have a large garden bed, vertical garden space, or container plants, get inspired with these 20 different garden lighting ideas.

01. Globe Lights

Make your garden glow with globe-shaped lights. This spherical alternative to traditional stake lighting provides visual interest and works especially well in gravel gardens or a xeriscape landscaping plan. Place lights along top-tier areas of your garden or behind and underneath plants for spotlight illumination.

02. Retaining Wall Lights

Retaining walls prevent erosion and allow for multi-tiered gardens. Provide plenty of light along the wall and up the stairs by using puck lighting. Underneath the blooming hedges of this retaining wall garden, evenly-spaced lights guide nighttime visitors through the garden safely while putting plants on display. Be sure to choose wet-rated LED lights for this garden lighting option.

03. String Lights for Trees

Trees growing in your garden can make a major statement with the help of string lights. Tiny glowing bulbs covering the trunk and main branches outline the tree’s shape while casting a glow on the garden below. Soft white lights, as seen on the property of this stately home, are suitable for year-round garden lighting. Use solar-powered string lights to avoid the need for a nearby electrical outlet.

04. Lantern Lighting

Lanterns hanging from a post can be installed along hedges or behind bushes to provide soft lighting from within your garden. The options for lantern types range in style and materials, but solar or battery-operated candle lanterns give a classic glow. Install posts at even intervals and decided whether you want the lanterns to hover above your foliage (accounting for the mature height of the plants) or peek out of the space between plants.

05.Arborvitae Illumination

Arborvitae trees are frequently used as a living privacy fence for gardens. Illuminating the trees can give your garden a bright border that is both attractive and helpful in seeing the edges of your property at night. Upward spotlights highlight the tall, conical shape of the arborvitae while remaining concealed behind the garden’s low hedgerow.

06. String Lights for Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are the perfect spot to string small lights, especially if your gardening setup includes a trellis. The string lights provide ambiance but also mean that you can check on your garden at any time of the evening without bringing along a flashlight. In the absence of a trellis, you can use planter posts at the corner of each garden bed or string them along a fence to provide the same effect.

07. Overhead lighting for seating areas

Gardens are the perfect spot to sit and reflect and by adding overhead lighting, you can use the lounge area during the day or night. This garden benefits from a group of four pendant lights, placed over an outdoor seating arrangement. The number and type of lights you choose will depend on whether you are looking for soft evening illumination or enough light to enjoy dinner in your outdoor oasis.

08. Statement Lighting

Garden lighting is usually subtle, highlighting specific plants or providing an ambient glow. However, you can also use a statement light in the garden to provide a focal point at night, as seen in the front yard of this modern home. The light casts a glow while drawing the eye to its unique shape and design details. Statement lighting for the garden works best when paired with simple, low plants that won’t compete for attention or make the space feel too busy.

09. Garden Bed Illumination

A floating garden bed this one commands attention in the center of the yard with its showy display of plants. Use LED lighting to further enhance the garden’s features, especially at night when the garden (and its borders) are harder to see. Spotlights are placed strategically in the garden bed to highlight the foliage of ground-level plants along with the taller trees and shrubs. Keep in mind that for symmetry, you want to provide illumination evenly across the entire bed, rather than focusing your lights on one end or another.

10. Lily Pond Lighting

Lily ponds are a beautiful feature for your garden and the right lighting allows you to enjoy their serenity throughout the evening. In this example, the water feature benefits from small underwater lights that make the pond and series of small waterfalls seem to glow. Additionally, the lily pads and other vegetation surrounding the pond are illuminated by the light. It’s best to plan out your garden pond lighting when designing your water feature, but a professional can also help you select and install lighting that is compatible with your space.

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